Mythos and Archetypes


The ancient beliefs in gods, heroes and humans and their tragic fates in love and death, netherworld and salvation have appeared since antique times throughout all forms and interpretations of art. They are fundamentally

engrained in the collective consciousness and have grown and been redefined for thousands of years.


Trudy Wiebus continues this line of artistic heritage with her cycle of Dante paintings, reflecting and enriching it, offering still new facets and points of view. Neither illusory nor narrative, there is no immediate reference to the

text of Dante. While these works might best be characterized as stage scenery, they contain nothing that resembles an actual scene or plot.


Their titles do not necessarily yield an interpretation, but may instead unlock the imagination of the beholder, allowing thoughts and memories to resonate and associate. The scenes become alive in the mind's eye.


Dr. K. Keßler