Trudy Wiebus


often got the call to work beyond the borders of her home country of Germany, always staying in her host countries for longer stretches, to become acquainted with their people, landscapes and cultural spaces, capturing them pictorally.

Trudy Wiebus' works expand to maps of these foreign worlds, each different in their own way.  The observer may accompany her on these paths, stay a while, or take a different turn to find his or her own way to a personal journey of exploration and remembering.


Her vision: "Thinking With the Eyes" - this exclamation by Cezanne mesmerizes me as well as the eruptive pictoral worlds of Zhang Daqian, a master of Chinese landscape painting. My paintings are small worlds one can take a walk inside of - if one trusts the eyes and allows oneself to be lead by the images. I am interested in the possible relationships between that being noticed, recognized, and the knowledge of the observer.

Each pictures title can yield an impulse to get lost inside the image - and find oneself. This is keeping with the expression by Novalis: ‚All Memory is Present.‘

Trudy Wiebus, born 1947 in Düsseldorf, Germany,  lives and works as freelancing artist in Bruch in the Eifel in southern Germany. She studied, among other subjects, History of Art and German at Ruhr-University Bochum and received training at the European Academy of Arts in Trier with Joe Alan, Dagmar Wassong and Mathias Kroth.

During multiannual stays (beginning in 1985) in the People's Republic of China, in Chongqing, in Beijing and in Shanghai, she devoted herself to drawing in chinese ink and landscape painting in all their expressions.

In Finnland, Estonia and Norway, where she spent multiple years as well, she engaged with the local traditions of painting as well as contemporary trends.

Various private presentations and exhibitions

additional exhibitions:

  • 2007  in Burg Bruch
  • 2008  Galerie on Nessodden, Oslo, Norway
  • ab 2009  continual studio exhibitions
  • 2012  in Burg Bruch
  • 2016  Annual European Collection of Fine Arts in Prüm
  • 2017  Biennial Strassen, Luxembourg
  • 2017  ‚Kunst trifft Vulkan‘ (Art meets Volcano)  - group exhibition in Daun, Hillesheim, Gerolstein, Weißenseifen

Werner Graetz / Manfred Zimmer-Valentini  2017